General Product Guarantee

Some products may be subject to individual and lengthy guarantee periods when specified and supplied as part of an overall package to a project, details of which can be provided where applicable on a project-specific basis.

As standard, our products are guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the date of supply that all material will be free from any manufacturing defects.

If a product is found to be defective upon receipt, then these will be replaced at the company’s expense upon inspection and assuming a defect is found.

If a product develops a defect after installation and within the initial 12 month period, then after reporting this to us we shall arrange for inspection and on the proviso that the products are installed and used within an environment they are intended and that any and all installation, usage, care and maintenance procedures have been followed correctly and in accordance with any instructions provided, then the company shall replace the goods at its expense.

The company’s liability will be limited to the cost of supplying any replacement product and as such, any claims for costs incurred by the customer for the removal and re-installation, as well as any postage or courier costs relating shall not be accepted.

Some materials of, and finishes on, certain products are known as ‘living’ and will develop a natural patina that will alter their surface appearance. This does not represent a defect and is a natural oxidisation process that develops as a result of touch, time and environmental factors, therefore beyond any control. The speed at which these alter is also a variable and subject to the severity of those same conditions noted above. As such, we are unable to offer any period of guarantee on the finish and appearance, although the product’s performance is covered by this guarantee.

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