Mysmartbox – Smart Parcel Box Locker

Mysmartbox – Smart Parcel Box Locker

MySmartbox is a smart parcel box locker for residential and commercial buildings to allow secure, traceable parcel delivery – in partnership with Decayeaux.

Smart Parcel Box Locker

MySmartBox is a parcel box unit fitted with a digital system facilitating collections and deliveries in private or semi private buildings.

Delivery notifications & a collection password are either sent by SMS or push notifications through the Walter App – enabling parcels to be collected 24/7 just by typing the password received by SMS.

Depending on your preferences, MySmartBox can use the WIFI technology or the more secure GSM technology.

Easy to set up, MySmartBox only needs to be plugged to a power socket.

The device safely records all the events to the internal SD card. In addition, property managers of residential buildings, offices and campuses equipped with a MySmartBox have access to the cloud based back office software. The software allows to consult the usage stats, send collection reminders and manage users.


Mailbox Finishes

T22 Onyx Black Mirror

T22 Onyx Black Vortex

T22 Onyx Black Granex

T22 Onyx Black Hairline

T22 Quartz Bronze Mirror

T22 Quartz Bronze Vortex

T22 Quartz Bronze Granex

T22 Quartz Bronze Hairline

T22 Prestige Rosy Gold Mirror

T22 Prestige Rosy Gold Vortex

T22 Prestige Rosy Gold Granex

T22 Prestige Rosy Gold Hairline

T22 Nickel Champagne Mirror

T22 Nickel Champagne Vortex

T22 Nickel Champagne Granex

T22 Nickel Champagne Hairline

T22 Sapphire Blue Mirror

T22 Sapphire Blue Vortex

T22 Sapphire Blue Granex

T22 Sapphire Blue Hairline

T22 Prestige Gold Mirror

T22 Prestige Gold Vortex

T22 Prestige Gold Granex

T22 Prestige Gold Hairline

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