Product Finishes


This solution is ideal for application in a wide range of architectural internal or external projects. Brass is a popular decorative metal made up of a copper-zinc alloy. The strength of the metal is reinforced by the addition of zinc to copper and as it contains no iron – Brass is highly resistant to corrosion. A versatile ironmongery finish that also allows you to re-work the material to achieve an Antique or Aged finish.


Bronze is an alloy consisting primarily of 88% copper and 12% tin, often with the addition of other metals (such as aluminium, manganese, nickel or zinc). Bronze has high corrosion resistance, and whilst bronze develops a patina, it does not oxidise beyond the surface. A number of ‘living’ finishes can be achieved with a Bronze ironmongery finish. Products that are intended to naturally oxidise and patina over a period of time, forming part of the characteristic of this beautiful finish.


Additional plated finishes complement our full offering.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is used for a multitude of uses and as a result comes in a number of different grades that indicate its strength and resistance to corrosion. The majority of items we supply are grades 304 and 316 to provide the maximum life expectancy for your hardware.


PVD is known as the hardest wearing applied finish on the market and is often used for hardware tools.

Frost Denmark

Frost Denmark utilise stainless steel and PVD across their popular range of living and washroom products, with their split finishes being the most sought after.


Mailboxes are available in a huge variety of finishes allowing them to seamlessly blend in with their surroundings or be a stand out feature, whatever your design dictates. The “T22” range is a special mix of PVD and titanium coating producing a quality finish variant to the standard PVD finishes. For projects with a design in keeping with nature, or even where it’s simply the desired appearance, we have a wide range of timber veneers also available.


Leather, in all it’s beautiful variations, can be used to enhance a number of products we offer. Mailboxes, pull handles and lever handles are all products we have had beautifully finished with hand stitched details as required.

Leather Pull Handle

Leather Grip Lever Handle

Leather Inset Flush Pull Handle

Leather Door Drawer Pull

Doorset Veneers

Doorset veneers are available in all the most common wood species – if you don’t see the particular finish you require listed below, please get in touch.

Powder coating – RAL Colours

Powder coating is also exceptionally hardwearing and is utilised across the industry to obtain a full spectrum of colour choices, as you do with paint colours and matt, gloss or satin finishes as well. In contrast to PVD, there aren’t any limitations in colours – with even sparkly ‘RAL’ colours now available.

We also offer a unique, mixed RAL finish in a subtle black gloss that is not available anywhere else.

Caring for Door Handles & Hardware

To complement the beautiful architectural hardware, interior accessories and bathroom accessories we specify and source, we also advise on particular cleaning materials dependent on the finishes you have in your project.

We work with a number of highly skilled manufacturers and craftspeople who generally rely on the tried and tested traditional products such as the items pictured: for a light wax coating to preserve natural metal finishes traditional beeswax is unrivalled. To restore shine and remove oxidisation, a light abrasive such as the autosol metal polish is recommended.

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