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For up to date information on lead times and stock availability, please call us direct on 01634 823 189.

As architectural ironmongers we work with architects, interior designers and contractors to specify the technical architectural ironmongery requirements (aka: ‘hardware’) to hang, close, lock and accessorise doors, windows and/or gates whilst also ensuring compliance with relevant BS/BS EN standards.

Traditional ironmongers usually create pieces on a small scale, by hand using traditional materials (such as iron) – either sculptural or functional – so two extremely different things aside from the name!

On average our standard lead time is between 2-6 weeks.

Quicker deliveries are always possible subject to project requirements and our team will do their best to work with any requests.

We have a selection of common items in stock at our warehouse in Ossett, Yorkshire for expedited delivery or collection by appointment. This includes items such as hinges, lever handles, door closers, locks, latches and accessories, and can be ordered over the phone by calling our office on 01634 823 189

We have worked with several projects that work to high environmental standards such as BREAMM (e.g. Caring Wood House). As we have a wide network of suppliers, we can find the most suitable manufacturer for the project, taking into account not only the location of manufacture but also the longevity and sustainability of the materials/products used.

To us, the past is just as important as the future. Especially as a multi-generational, multi-family business that has been in existance for over 30 years.

Whilst we are now one company (John Planck Ltd), we were originally formed with the support of John Monaghan and became part of the group of companies that also included the acquired HAF range of hardware.

John Planck, John Monaghan & HAF are now all trading names of John Planck Ltd.

The three names working together provide a collective network of unrivalled architectural ironmongery & hardware experience and offer greater purchasing power for our clients.

Quite simply, yes we have access to over 40 different standard finishes and then there are a multitude of options with techniques such as PVD and powder coating taken into consideration.

Depending on the use of the hardware in question, the adviser you are working with will be able to provide their guidance on the best finish to both match the aesthetics and the purpose.

We work with many suppliers and manufacturers, sourcing products from within the UK and around the world to cater for projects of all sizes, requirements and budgetary constraints. 

Generally speaking, the sooner the better. We get involved at all stages – from tender with indicative prices to fixing existing schedules prior to supply! We can work off a spreadsheet, mood board or architects drawings so send through whatever you’re working on and we’ll gladly assist. 

Yes we are able to offer call offs and split deliveries as part of our service, being a project-led architectural ironmonger, it’s second nature to us.

This can all be arranged at the time of ordering or pre-order meeting. We can then also door and/or plot pack the second fix remaining items for you if required.

Our client list includes high net worth individuals, foreign diplomats and government/commercial contracts for which we have vast experience of working to high security clearance such as enhanced security checks, signing NDAs and operating on a need to know/codenamed basis. Rest assured we can operate to your requirements.

Our bespoke process differs depending on what your requirements are; if you are looking for a completely unique design for a lever handle that requires custom tooling to be made that would be a slightly lengthier process than if you were looking to slightly modify an existing design or if you wanted a slightly unusual finish or material (e.g. gold plated or marble handles!).

Take a look at our bespoke page for full details on the process and our capabilities.

Yes, please call the office to make a payment. 

In line with our environmental impact policy, to minimise our environmental impact we do not add any extra information to what is provided by the individual manufacturer. We have our standard Operations and Maintenance manuals available here and can provide fire certification documents and anything else you require on request. 

As a profession we are accredited by the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers, who have a three year entry level qualification; the diploma in architectural ironmongery. All members of our team hold the DipGAI accreditation and re-qualify annually to achieve the RegAI status through CPD courses.

We also have team members accredited in the Fire Door Inspection Scheme and Automatic Door Suppliers Association.

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