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Door Hardware. What’s on Trend 2019.

To offer your clients the latest trends in door hardware, take a look at what’s in style.

Enduring Black

Black complements almost any door and can add a simple yet bold modern statement to any project – so it’s always on trend. Black door hardware presents an image of elegance and authority; like the lever handle designs from our Frost range in their classic black finish; with complimentary products for kitchens, bathrooms, and of course door hardware available, it really can be used throughout.

The resurgence of Brushed Nickel

Whilst this finish has always been a popular choice, Design Magazines everywhere are currently showing a lot more of brushed nickel. Designers use brushed nickel hardware because it’s luscious and subtle, yet stands out and commands attention. Don’t be surprised if your customers ask for brushed nickel, great examples of handle design available in this finish can be found in our “Traditional” door furniture catalogue section.

Timeless Classics of Aged Brass & Bronze Hardware

Yes, it is true that brass dominates the hardware trends in 2018, but not all brass is equal. Antique, aged or satin and bronze finishes of all shades and patinas are equally desirable and set against the correct door backdrop can give an authentic, luxurious and impressive end result. Finishes like these also look great on a more modern decor or industrial interiors.

Avoid These Hardware Trends

Although some trends are timeless, some hardware finishes don’t withstand the test of time.

The demise of Aluminium

A stalwart of the ’80s and ’90s as a viable and affordable material on basic but functional, useable but uninspiring shapes.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t give any interior the look and feel they deserve

The Right Hardware Paired with Bad choice of Timber

The right choice of hardware can only do so much, the selection of timber is also important to the overall design. Consider a beautiful veneer or a factory finished timber door to compliment a good selection of hardware. The image below is from our recent work for the Royal Opera House shortlisted for the AI Specification Awards 2019 for further inspiration read the case study.

Door Hardware Trends: The Bottom Line

Door hardware trends come and go. However, there are a few that never go out of style. In 2019, why not give your project an elegant black appearance; or a classical, timeless touch with brushed nickel and brass finishes.  Whatever your design and requirements, we’ll have something to meet your project’s criteria so please get in touch with us to find out more.

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