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Door handles should be a priority for architects and specifiers

Often referred to by designers as the “jewelry of a building”, architectural hardware adds personality to all types of building projects. With over 25 years’ experience in architectural ironmongery, the John Planck team want to share their expertise on an item that is often instrumental in creating that first impression, yet is often one of the last considerations on architects’ and specifiers’ lists: door handles.

#1 – First & Last Impressions

The first thing you see and touch when entering a home or building is the door handle. It sets the tone and personality of the building and can help to create a lasting impression. Whether you’re looking for modern or traditional designs, there is a wide range of options available. And like jewelry, door handles come in many shapes and sizes. To get the design that is right for your project, talk to ironmongers with experience working across a wide portfolio of projects and have the skills to create quality rendered drawings to meet exacting standards.

#2 – Quality & Finish

Door handles are one of the most frequently used items in a building, so whilst design and style are important – getting architectural hardware that stands the test of time is crucial to maintaining the quality of your project. When choosing the look and finish, don’t just rely on catalogues. Meet with an ironmonger to discuss your requirements–you might discover door handles designs for your project that you hadn’t previously considered.

#3 – Safety & Security

Design is one thing; safety is another. When choosing door handles, don’t forget to consider components such as hinges, locks & door closing devices. The correct specification of such products is crucial, particularly in terms of safety and security. Talk to ironmongers with training in fire door safety, too. Their knowledge about building hardware can ensure that your project is up to code.

Choosing the right architectural hardware takes time, whether you’re an architect or a specifier. And with multiple stakeholders involved in the process, getting the right ironmonger is crucial in protecting the integrity–and safety–of your designs. Start the conversation early and save time later.

John Planck is one of the UK’s first specialist architectural ironmongers, adept at developing both modern and traditional architectural hardware solutions for doors, windows, pocket door systems and more.


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