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COVID-19 Safe Automatic Door Control System

In recent months, building access control technology has evolved to include video analytics. The new tech uses existing security cameras coupled with advanced artificial intelligence (AI). Building managers can pinpoint a person’s movement within the facility, and identify if they have been exposed to someone tested positive with the virus.

However, security cameras are not the only building assets poised to transform the way building owners manage COVID-19 compliance. Automatic door systems like Flowcontrol also offer an effective solution to controlling footfall. The system automatically counts people entering and exiting the building without the need for additional staffing. It’s an effective way to ensure social distancing compliance in public and retail buildings.

Door Control & Flexibility

The system can be retrofitted to virtually any automatic door operator model, provided the model’s radar is accurately connected. The building manager sets the allowable footfall capacity and when the facility reaches the target, the doors refrain from opening automatically until 1 or more persons leave. A traffic light system using LED strips indicates when it’s safe to enter the facility and when they must wait.

What’s more, building managers have complete control of the system, they can shut down Flowcontrol when needed. The system also works with the building’s fire alarm. In an emergency situation, the Flowcontrol Doors will immediately default to the greatest opening width.

Building Compliance

The building industry is still learning about what it means to be COVID-19 compliant. Upgrading existing assets like automatic doors can play a crucial role in helping to mitigate the risk of infection. The challenge is to ensure sustainable compliance with building standards.

John Planck Ltd is a leading supplier of the equipment required to set up this Flowcontrol system but we also have expert installers who can undertake these works as well.  To discuss your requirements, please email info@johnplanck.co.uk.


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