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What is “Country Style” Architectural Hardware?

“Country style” architectural hardware comprises of what is often referred to as ‘olde world’ fittings, products that have the appearance of ‘olde world’ materials such as black cast iron. They are sturdy and functional items that have been produced by blacksmiths over hundreds of years. They are also less decorative as the metalwork is often sparsely polished and bumpy. Nonetheless, it is these exact characteristics that are often associated with country style buildings.

Ironmongery production

To achieve the perfect country style aesthetics for a project requires designs that are authentic to the smallest detail. Why? Because country-style properties are the polar opposite of minimalism. The interiors of these properties readily embrace wear and tear, with a strong emphasis on antique finishings and accessories.

The best examples of country style architectural hardware incorporate rustic metalworks, brassware, leather, and other materials. Here are a few concepts from past and recent projects to inspire you.

Traditional Door ‘Handles’

The choice of styles for door furniture is vital to the authenticity of the design. Door knobs work particularly well in country-style properties because they are robust and sturdy, giving a sense of having always been there.


Another type of handle popular with fans of the style is a thumb latch or catch which are also often seen on gates.

Locks and Latches

These are more often than not rudimental in their design, especially with the thumb latch type where it is held via a bar lifting and lowering on to a catch on the frame.

Slightly more sophisticated forms are fitted to the inside face of the doors and are known as “Rim” locks and latches. These unique architectural hardware pieces often have decorative staples which pay homage to the historical methods and appearances.

Door Hinges

Sturdy and thick door hardware like hinges is the epitome of country style properties, often seen placed across a third, half or even three-quarters of the door width.

Door Hinges

Whether functional or even merely decorative, door hinges add untold credibility to the aesthetic, you’re creating!


Accessories are vital to achieving the desired rustic aesthetic. Door numbers, thick door knockers, letterboxes, and ironwork bell pushes are just a few items to consider for your entrance door.

Cottage door furniture

For the interior, think about details that are crucial to getting the rustic look such as lighting, handrails, fireplaces, coat hooks, and more.

For specialist architectural hardware advice about period door furniture and accessories, please contact us for a free consultation.


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