Ash Villa

Part of North East Lincolnshire Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, the Sleaford based unit provides support for both males and females. The project to upgrade the fire doors at the unit involved the use of state-of-the-art components in order to maximise patient safety and for ease of operability by staff.

Safehinge ALU-60 door pivots with transom closers were used to prevent ligatures, barricade situations and even self-harm via finger trapping. These sturdy 54mm anti-ligature doors not only operated superbly but also looked less institutional than other solutions.

The clinical team was keen to avoid the use of keys and wanted to control access to rooms for both staff and service users at all times, this was achieved through our Waferlock system using wall mounted proximity readers, fobs and door mounted solenoid locks. Centrally controlled from a pc, each door can be monitored and controlled easily whilst users and fobs can be added and deleted easily.

Crucially the system provides a real time audit trail in the event of an incident requiring investigation. Three readers located beside the door frame operate the lock, the hinged stop for outward door opening and the innovative switchable glass to allow unobtrusive viewing from the corridor side.

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