Arena Tower

Ironmongery & Mailboxes in 138m tall building

Arena Tower on the Isle of Dogs stands at 138m tall and is amongst the ‘island’s’ top 10 tallest buildings. It has a distinctive look and personality. The impressive interior is matched by an equally unique exterior whereby the architect’s clever use of glass panels and their fixing positions gives the illusion that the building is rotating when it is in fact completely vertical.

The building hosts over 370 apartments as well as a cinema, 25 metre swimming pool, gym, leisure facilities, plus an array of bars and restaurants spread over 3 floors.

Working with the in-house design team at Galliard Homes we produced the ironmongery schedule for Arena Tower and its neighbouring building, scheduling over 3,300 individual door sets incorporating their own unique design lever handle and matching accessories for all the apartments and common areas.

Bespoke Mailbox Solution

This project also had the requirement for bespoke banks of mailboxes, a feature which adds to the impressive interior design of the main lobby of the Arena Tower. Using brushed stainless steel mailboxes, the layout of the lobby area combined with the boxes design and the installation within bespoke wooden alcoves and central ‘island’ adds to and completes the luxury look and feel of the building to perfection.

Arena Tower Gallery

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