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The Benefits of Smart Parcel Lockers in a Post-COVID Era

Online shopping in May grew by 24% vs last year and is set to continue. Post-COVID property managers face a new challenge. Coping with the growth in parcel deliveries, when residents and workers might not be as readily available to collect their parcels.

The good news is that the solution is already available. Pre-COVID, forward-thinking architects, and building engineers were already embracing smart parcel lockers. Now as the market ease out of the pandemic, wider adoption of this solution has come around sooner than anticipated. Here are just some of the benefits of the next generation of smart secure mailboxes.

What makes a Parcel Locker Smart?

parcel locker is a locker that makes it easier for building residents to pick up their packages at any time. Now with smart technology, fitted digital systems enable the building manager to alert the recipient. This process makes it effortless for residents to pick up and drop off packages.

“I was tired of waiting hours for parcel delivery. Since the house management had MySmartBox installed, everything has become much easier, faster and more reliable” Nina Peltzer (Tenant)

Smart Parcel Locker

For property managers access to a fully connected system allows for improved and more efficient building services. The system delivers instant access to data about the delivery and removes the paper trail.

Why Use Smart Parcel Lockers?

In a post-COVID world, parcel lockers make package collection a safer and more convenient solution. With lockers like MySmartBox, employees, residents, and students can retrieve their packages at their convenience with limited physical contact to others. They simply receive codes via App push notifications or SMS to access their parcels 24/7. And by keeping packages in smart lockers, property managers can effortlessly boost the security of their residents’ packages.  

“A convincing product that should not be missing in any new construction or renovation” Peter Meier (Architect)

Secure mailbox solutions like MySmartBox, are easy to set up, they securely record all the delivery events and the most advanced systems are regularly updated ensuring compatibility with the latest mobile technology.

Here are just a few of the important features of smart locker systems:

–      Parcel compartments with electronic lock

–      Touchscreen with a user-friendly interface

–      Barcode reader for MySmartBox card

–      Standard private mailbox with a mechanical lock

Secure mailboxes have come a long way. Today architects and building engineers have even more options to design delivery points that fit with modern lifestyles. For more information about MySmartBox please contact John Planck Ltd.


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