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Company History

John Monaghan Ltd Founded
The late John Monaghan founded John Monaghan Ltd, Architectural Ironmongers in Yorkshire. Over the next 15 years he also started a number of successful endeavors including Dale Hardware to import hardware from overseas.
John Planck Ltd Founded

John Planck Ltd was founded by the late John Planck, with the backing of friend and popular industry figure, John Monaghan. John Planck Ltd operated from its office in Kent, John Monaghan Ltd from their office in Yorkshire.

Sadly, John Monaghan passed away in 1991 following a short battle with cancer. The relationship with the entirety of the Monaghan family continued, as it does to this day – with Frances, his daughter on the board.
HAF Acquired by John Monaghan Group
HAF, a prestigious architectural ironmongery company in Hertfordshire, along with their range of lever handles and fittings were acquired by the John Monaghan Group.
Group Go Central
The John Monaghan office moved into purpose-built premises to create a centralised warehouse & distribution centre to serve all three companies.
Tom Appointed MD Role
Tom Planck, current MD, was appointed as Managing Director.
Group streamlined to form one trading company
After many years working seamlessly alongside each other, John Monaghan and HAF formally join John Planck Ltd.
Refresh & Rebrand
A carefully considered refresh and rebrand – under the guidance and sole ownership of the directors Tom, Frances and Adam.

Our History

The history of John Planck Ltd, John Monaghan and HAF is all intertwined – the success of the company as it stands today is down to the three in combination; John Monaghan for starting his entrepreneurial ventures in the 70’s, HAF for their successful range of hardware in the 80’s and John Planck for the direction that took the company through to the 00’s.

One Combined Limited Company owned by the Family

The previously separate companies operate together whilst celebrating their individual heritage. We operate nationwide from our three sales offices – John Planck in Kent, John Monaghan in Yorkshire and HAF in Hertfordshire, with our distribution centre also in Yorkshire. Whilst we may have different names we very much operate as one family unit, with several employees and Directors related to the founders, John Planck and John Monaghan.







Meet the team

Our team of architectural ironmongers is highly qualified, with generations of experience and technical expertise. They are adept at deciphering technical requirements and working with everyone from site level through to management, having worked closely alongside architects, interior designers, contractors and labourers alike.

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